"8 Reason Self-Pay Is Better For You"

Therapeutic Reasons


1. You may not realize it, but insurance companies often dictate who may be counseled, what condition may be treated, and for how long.  When you choose self-pay, you are in charge of these important decisions.


2. With fewer concerns raised by insurance companies, you may be more comfortable in counseling — leading to a more successful result, faster.


Financial Reasons


1.Because I do not answer to insurance companies, I do not need to hire a receptionist, billing clerk, or bookkeeper. I can keep my overhead low.  So I have more flexibility to match my fees to your budget.  I also have more time to spend with you. With family-friendly sliding scale fees, I can often times accept your insurance co-pay as all you need pay.


2.You have no deductible to pay — and you won't use up your benefits in case you need them for an emergency.


Confidentiality Reasons


1. With no insurance company to notify, there is less chance that strangers will know your business. If you participate in an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), there is less chance your company will learn about your care.


2. Because I do not need to hire staff, you can be more certain that no one in our small town will accidentally reveal confidential details about your life. | Baxter Village | 1012 Market Street, Suite 305 | Fort Mill, SC  29708  | 888-475-0033


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