Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Board Certified Diplomat in Clinical Social Work, Academy of Certified Social Worker, Registered Yoga Teacher, Mindfulness Based Therapist, International Association of Yoga Teachers, Certified Adolescent/Adult Anger Management Facilitator







I am a licensed clinical social worker.  I have been in practice for 10+ years.  For therapy to be effective, the client must feel emotionally secure with the therapist as well as have confidence in her ability.  Ultimately, this matters more than the therapist's orientation.  With my clients, I am a focused listener who seeks to get to the heart of the problem in an empathic and direct way.  I create a safe environment in which to explore painful emotions and conflicts.   Also, I am interested in exploring a person's strengths and resources that can be accessed to solve problems as well as to lead more fulfilling and connected lives.


My approach to treatment is influenced by brief solution-focused, mindfulness based, cognitive-behavioral and stress reduction principles and strategies.


Is there anything required of me for counseling?  How long do I have to attend?

Therapy requires a commitment of time, energy, and money. Therefore, you should be very careful about the therapist you select.  Therapy isn't something you can attend once and expect maximum results.  Most therapy requires a minimum of three months or 12 sessions to see maximum results; however, a recommendation will be made for you specific to your issues.  Second, it requires a commitment of energy & effort.  Clients who are involved in & take responsibility for their treatment experience a better outcome than those who show little to no effort.  Third, it takes a commitment of money.  Although insurance may pay the greatest amount of your treatment, there are still co-pays and deductibles.




METTA COUNSELING uses multiple approaches to therapy and your sessions go with the flow of your needs and unique individual personality.  We invite you to feel comfortable being yourself in a safe/accepting therapeutic setting, actively participating in your wellness.


The METTA COUNSELING SERVICE philosophy creates an environment where clients are able to express themselves freely without prejudice or judgment.  As a result, a high percentage of our business is from "word of mouth" referrals.



Payment is requested in the form of cash or credit card at the time services are rendered | Baxter Village | 1012 Market Street, Suite 305 | Fort Mill, SC  29708  | 888-475-0033


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