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Is e-therapy for you?


Let's summarize why you might want to choose e-therapy. It works. Reports from the field indicate that e-therapy with a trained professional is almost always helpful.


It's convenient. In email therapy, you decide when, where, how, and how much you participate. You are in control. It's fast. Instead of waiting weeks, or longer, for an appointment, you typically get email responses within 24 to 48 working hours.

It's cost-effective. Offline, you can take all the time you need to understand and compose emails, to formulate exactly what you want to say. In addition, you won't forget 80% of what has been said because everything is written out for you. In effect, the actual time your e-therapist spends reading and writing emails to you is like a therapy concentrate.


No insurance for e-therapy only cash/credit cards.

It's private. If you are working with a professional, e-therapy is as private as you want to make it, potentially more private than psychotherapy. It's accessible. If you have access to the Internet, you have access to e-therapy. Please note, that coin has another side: if you lose access to the Internet, or if a computer goes down on either end, e-therapy can be unexpectedly interrupted. Please see the caveat, below.

If you like the features e-therapy offers, you are ready to construct and launch...



Important Caveat

If you are feeling particularly fragile or vulnerable, or if you cannot readily tolerate any unexpected technical difficulties that may temporarily bar access to your therapist, e-therapy is most likely not your best choice. You will likely do much better to seek the treatment and enhanced protection offered by face-to-face, traditional psychotherapy.

By submitting your credit card you agree to have your credit card charged on an hourly basis for counseling by Metta Counseling Services. This will be charged on an hour basis. Upon acceptance of your online appointment, before communication will occur you will be notified by email at the start or by phone call or online text through the meebo client.

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