Clinical Assessment


We offer a variety of clinical assessment services for adults and children.


What is a Clinical Assessment?

The word test is often used, but is incorrect. A test has a right or wrong answer; however, the activities used for assessment purposes do not. For this reason, clinical assessment is a more appropriate term. A clinical assessment is conducted by a licensed professional, who has been trained and supervised in the particular area being evaluated. A number of mental health professionals can perform assessments, depending on the complexity of the questions being answered. Evaluations requiring personality and IQ testing should only be done by a licensed psychologist.



Here are the types of clinical assessments we can perform:


• Individual well-being, including cognitive, emotional and behavioral functioning.

• General health status and ability to attend to activities of daily life.

• Family and other proximate interpersonal relationships

• Social functioning and environmental supports including community ties and level of integration with social organizations

• Academic, occupational, and other relevant role functioning

• Incorporating cultural competence into the client assessment and how the client view’s their own racial, ethnic, and spiritual affiliations, history and commitments.


Assessment is a process that includes:


1. Gathering information about a client’s unique experiences relevant to their problem and coping capacities

2. Understanding the significance of that information within the context of contemporary human behavior that is specifically relevant to the client’s presenting concerns.

3. An individual assessment often includes a DSM-IV diagnosis and practitioners are well aware that many problems are also affected to some degree by familial and broader social factors.



What happens during a Clinical Assessment?

A clinical assessment may use information such as standardized measurement tools, current problems, school or employment records, family functioning, personal and medical history, in addition to other information. This enables the practitioner to get an idea of what has been occurring in your life.  In this process, you will be interviewed and asked to complete a number of tasks. The activities are based on the client and the question you need answered.  When deemed necessary and you are first notified, I may also visit with and talk to others that can provide me additional information about your life. A clinical assessment is a flexible process with the goal of answering questions or issues through the collection, evaluation, and analysis of appropriate data.


Does Insurance Pay For Clinical Assessments?

This depends on the type of assessment, the policies of your insurance carrier, and our offices. In general, there are few types of assessments fully covered by insurance. Clients largely pay this expense of out-of-pocket. Please contact our office for questions regarding fees and payment options. | Baxter Village | 1012 Market Street, Suite 305 | Fort Mill, SC  29708  | 888-475-0033


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