Anger Management programs provide education and skills training for those who need to learn how to manage their anger-induced reactions and responses in a more positive way. Reacting in anger limits your choice to your first impulse. Our clients learn how to respond rather than react to potentially provocative individuals and situations.



individuals * adults * groups * adolescents


learn problem solving * life skills


make peace with your inner dialogue


yoga/meditation resources * stress reduction


depression * anxiety * adjustment issues * self-esteem



Are you feeling tired, can't keep up with your regular routine,

are things changing too fast?"


"Your children are more than you can handle at times?"


"Longing for the old but are faced with the new?"


"Life got you feeling like you just don't matter?"


"Feel as if you gotta run for shelter, gotta run for shade?"


METTA COUNSELING, offers a collaborative effort

between client and therapist to work towards positive mental health. We utilize complimentary wellness approaches to help you trust and believe in yourself more fully and work through difficulties.



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